STYLE GURU BIO: Clarissa Marchia

Style Guru Bio

Hello again Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Clarissa Marchia and I am very excited to announce my return to CollegeFashionista. This semester I will be continuing to give you the latest and greatest STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK along with some helpful hints to get you through everything starting from your eight am classes to an evening dinner with friends. As a college student myself studying Media Studies, Journalism and Design, it is very important for me to capture and share what I see on my campus through social media and the world wide web.

My style changes with the seasons, but I always find a way to wear a piece of black clothing somewhere in my look. Sticking to one style is boring! I appreciate fashion, so why wait to wear a crazy printed piece? Writing for CollegeFashionista has opened my eyes to many styles and ways to wear apparel that I have never thought of. Before becoming a Style Guru I never thought I’d be this involved with fashion and photojournalism, but now it is what I truly love to do.

I find inspiration from none other than YOU! College students are very fashionable and creative with their looks, and I am ready to capture and write about each and every one of their outfits to share with my readers. Hopefully, my readers can find inspiration through the looks I include and the advice I provide in my post every week. Fashion is so much more to me than a matching shirt and skirt combination. It’s the way you feel in your clothing and the confidence that radiates as you strut your stuff. I am so appreciative of this opportunity to write for CollegeFashionista and so thrilled to share my stories with you. Stay tuned!


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