STYLE GURU BIO: Ching Casanova Tapia

Style Guru Bio

I’m thrilled to be part of the CollegeFashionista team this spring as a Style Guru representing the layers of style found at Smith College.

Clothes have always been more than an outlet of expression for me. The warm coat that you wear all winter does more than just show your personality, but reveals part of your culture, bares secrets you thought you could keep, exposes how you want to be seen by others and so much more.

What I choose to wear in the morning is so telling of my experiences. I spent my early childhood in the Philippines, grew up in Kentucky, now study in Massachusetts, with a quick year spent in Paris. If you took a peek into my closet, you would be able to pick out those influences: too many pastel oxford button-downs (the unofficial Southern/New England uniform) and a drawer overflowing with sheer black tops (the unofficial Parisian uniform) — all practical pieces that could be worn everyday by everyone to every occasion, a convention of practicality I kept from growing up in a third world country.

You could say that your friends get the privilege of knowing you through conversation, but strangers that only see you for not more than two seconds have no choice but to base everything on your physical appearance. I can’t wait to capture the different sources of inspiration at Smith College translated to clothing, and I’m super excited to have College Fashionista as a vehicle that will allow me to share this with a wider audience.


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