STYLE GURU BIO: Cassandra Neely

Style Guru Bio

Like all Style Gurus and people studying fashion (both of which I am), I really love fashion. In fact, if you ask anyone who even slightly knows me to explain to you who I am, I’m nearly positive that one of the first statements out of his or her mouth will be, “She loves fashion.” Furthermore, as a fashion student, I am surrounded by girls and guys who not only love fashion but also admit to having loved every aspect of it since the day they were born. I find this rather impressive because, while I have grown to be a full-fledged fashion fanatic, I can honestly say that my original passions did not lie in the pages of Vogue or amongst the most recent collections to parade down a runway.

As a young girl, my first interest was actually storytelling. From the time I was four-years-old until now, I’ve written a multitude of stories. Some of them have incredibly simplistic plots (see Elephant at Large, a story about an elephant that escaped from the zoo written when I was six or seven), and many of them have gone unfinished. Regardless, writing and storytelling have and always will be my first and fondest passions.

Fast forward to today when my obsession with the fashion industry, which was fully realized somewhere in my early teenage years, has led me to study Fashion Merchandising and Fashion Media at Kent State University, where I’m currently a sophomore. Through hard work, an amazingly supportive family and a good dosage of dedication, I have been fortunate enough to have several surreal fashion experiences and to meet and/or work with many of my idols from this industry.

My fashion fascination also helped me discover CollegeFashionista. Being an intern for CollegeFashionista has enabled me to spot trends, increase my knowledge of personal style and better myself as a writer. These were all things I was hoping to get out of the internship initially, but little did I know how much more it would bring. CollegeFashionista also allows me to meet like-minded students whom I would have never had the opportunity to interact with before. It allows me to bring smiles to the faces of those students that I stop on campus to get shots of their outfits. Most importantly, it allows me to continue telling stories.

I see the outfit of each Fashionista that I spot as that person’s own daily story. When people wake up and decide what they will be donning, those looks serve as who they want to be and how they want the world to perceive them at first glance until it’s finally time to retire for the day. Through CollegeFashionista, I am able to share these stories of the many Fashionistas of KSU with all of you and give those outfits a voice. I hope that the Fashionistas that I write about for WHAT TO WEAR this semester inspire you to create your own fashion story.


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