STYLE GURU BIO: Cassandra Neely

Style Guru Bio

Any person who knows me can undoubtedly tell you that I have an incredible love for all aspects of fashion. Unfortunately, I can’t say I was one of those prodigies who started designing a collection at the tender age of six. Nor can I say I even knew who Karl Lagerfeld, Hedi Slimane and Nicolas Ghesquière were throughout my entire middle-school career (gasp!). I jumped on the fashion train a little later in my life, probably around the start of my freshman year of high school, but once I was on, all I wanted to do was learn more about it and study every single issue of Vogue, fashion book and fashion documentary I could get my hands on. The art of fashion captivated me in a way that nothing else could, and, quite frankly, I never wanted off that train.

Eventually this metaphorical fashion train led me straight to world of CollegeFashionista. Before embarking on the second semester of my freshman year as a Fashion Merchandising student at Kent State University, I was eager to start putting my skills to the test. I stumbled upon CollegeFashionista while looking for internships, and the concept of it immediately spoke to me. Being a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista is a learning experience in and of itself. My time thus far with CollegeFashionista has taught me not only more about myself as a writer, but its also caused me to become incredibly observant and open to the styles that my classmates wear on a daily basis. I’m constantly inspired by how my peers represent themselves by way of their sartorial choices, and they’ve made me even more aware of my own style (which, honestly, I didn’t know was possible). Whereas before I was the girl who lived for pink, frilly frocks and loud, floral prints, I’ve now become much more minimalistic when it comes to my daily duds. Something as simple as a denim vest, black sweater and printed skirt in all neutrals will now do the trick for any given day.

The bottom line is, although many people don’t see fashion and style as anything more than a thoughtless trip to their closets every morning to find something to wear, they’re so much more than that. I’d even argue to say that fashion and one’s personal style are journeys. They’re about constantly discovering yourself and using clothes and accessories to represent who you have become. With that being said, who knows where the journey of fashion will end up taking me next. However, I’m so grateful that this imaginary train that I keep alluding to dropped me off at CollegeFashionista first. This way, while scoping out stylish students for ACCESSORIES REPORT every week, I’ll not only be able to get a little glimpse at my classmates’ own fashion journeys, but I’ll also be able to share them with all of you.


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