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Hey there Fashionistas, my name is Carol Magalhaes and I am a freshman Business Major at Manhattan College in New York. I was born in Brazil, but finished high school at a charter school in Miami, with Photography as my concentration. I moved to New York last fall to study Economics and International Studies, yet fashion has always been a grandiose passion of mine.

As a columnist for STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK, I am enthusiastic about exploring how the students in the streets of New York express themselves and their way of dressing through photos. New York City is great for its opportunities and diversity. It has taught me that rather than having a signature style, trying out new trends and different looks is what makes fashion fun. I normally stick to basic timeless pieces, my favorite looks being blazers and ballet flats, with an added oomph such as a scarf or great bag, but I have learned to love fashion for its versatility or as some could call it, it’s multiple personality disorder. Whereas you would often find me solely preppy in pearls in the past, I have recently acquired a leather jacket or combat boots, exploring an edgier side I hadn’t previously visited, showing my multiple personalities while staying true to my style.

Through its many different perspectives, angles and eyes, I hope to make fashion photography fun for readers and provide some insight and advice based on what is going on around me on campus. Sometimes I find it inspiring to step back, explore others’ individualities and perhaps incorporate it into our own wardrobes. I am excited to work with CollegeFashionista, and although I can’t promise I’ll be the Carrie Bradshaw of a Fashion Column, I can fine-tune my pastime by using my eye for trend spotting. Hope you enjoy my posts!



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