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Now that the leftover mashed potatoes and roast beef have been devoured, you’ll hardly find an empty treadmill at the gym. Ah, it’s that time of year again, the time for resolutions. Maybe you readers are tackling new ambitions like a wardrobe makeover, an exercise routine or a little reorganizing here and there. I know I am. Although I don’t formally declare my resolutions, hoping to facilitate some sort of reverse psychology, I am starting the year off with a new haircut and some vigor to put those resolutions into action. So, let’s get familiar with each other! My name is Caitlyn Pandell, and I am originally from West Bloomfield, MI. Moving to the University of Miami has definitely helped develop my budding style. With warm weather and sunshine year-round, I make full use of breezy tank tops, shorts and skirts. These days I can walk out of the house feeling stylish and confident, but that wasn’t always the case! Developing my understanding of fashion has been years in the making. Since I was eleven I have been experimenting with the aesthetics of color and form. Most of my early fashion education began with studying my colorful combinations of GAP T-shirts in front of the mirror. I’m sure I was thinking something along the lines of, “Does this sparkly flower tee look good with my purple shorts?” Working with my budding inner fashionista was fun. “What else could I do with these shorts? Maybe this tee?” Usually my outfit changes would be interrupted by my mother hollering my name from the bottom of the staircase, “Caitlyn lets go! It’s not a fashion show!” Ah, but it IS a fashion show. Whether I was heading to school, the glorious mall or a family dinner, this girl was made to show her most fashionable self and everybody else could wait. Sadly, not much has changed in nine years except now my mom pesters me to, “Stop blogging, and get some sleep!” Oh the joys of cuddling up in bed and feasting my eyes with pictures of trendy types from all over the world. It’s addicting. Through many sites, including CollegeFashionista, I have furthered my fashion education, and now I hope to share your style stories. As your new Style Guru for the University of Miami, I am happy to deliver a weekly dose of student fashion at its best. Enjoy a fresh start everyone and make the most of it!

Style On,

Caitlyn Pandell


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