STYLE GURU BIO: Brittany Fowler

Style Guru Bio

Fashion has always been an integral part of my life. From playing dress-up in my mom’s closet as a young girl to playing dress up in my sorority sisters’ closets, I consider fashion to be one of my BFFs. As a Magazine Journalism major, fashion and beauty magazines overrule my desk, and with minors in Nutrition and Sociology, lifestyle and fitness magazines work their way into the piles.

While my love for fashion continues to pervade, my style changes like a chameleon. On an average day, classic black leggings paired with an oversized knit sweater and knee-high boots is my go-to ensemble. Nonetheless, I feel like a little girl meeting a Disney Princess for the first time when I get to dress up for a more formal occasion. The nights I get to rock a pair of killer stilettos and sexy LBD are always memorable. For me, fashion also trickles over into the fitness aspect of my life. Sporting a fitted lululemon tank and a pair of cropped capri leggings while doing a fitness class, cardio, lifting or whatever it may be makes me feel good while I’m working out (I will admit I do skip the makeup — my main goal is fitness, not winning a beauty contest). No matter the type of outfit, I always strive to look put together, even in a pair of yoga pants. In my opinion, a chunky scarf can polish any outfit.

Throughout my time working for CollegeFashionista since freshman year (I’m a junior now), I’ve seen Fashionistas/os translate trends into their own styles in unique ways, providing inspiration for their fellow students. On a campus where frigid air lingers and snow blankets the winding pathways between buildings, staying warm is prioritized. However, it’s those students who are able to stand out in a swarm of black jackets and hefty snow boots that I admire. This semester, I’ll be searching for students sporting ensembles for various occasions in my column WHAT TO WEAR. From sneakers to stilettos, blazers to boyfriend jeans, my camera anxiously awaits to capture Syracuse student’s style.


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