STYLE GURU BIO: Bethelehem Teshome

Style Guru Bio

Mmnyehee! This is how my friends and I greet each other (I figured since we’re all friends here, you can join in on our little insider). ANYWAYS, greetings, my fellow Fashionistas/os! My name is Bethelehem Teshome, and I am a first-year Biochemistry major at UCLA with the intent of going to medical school. I’m beyond excited to be contributing to STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK as a Style Guru this spring!

Though I haven’t physically written anything fashion related, I find myself taking mental notes on the unique pieces and intricate patterns around me; I credit this to my Ethiopian background. Both of my parents are from Ethiopia and raised me alongside the culture. Traditional Ethiopian clothing is full of vivid colors and interesting designs that are worn to all types of cultural events (church, festivals, etc.). My mother had a separate closet just for her cultural clothing; once I was able to fit her clothing, I went racing to her traditional dresses. Now that I live in Los Angeles (originally from Moreno Valley, California), I’m excited to see how the mixture of cultures influences an individual’s sense of style.

As for my own personal style, I tend to reach for basic, staple pieces and tweak them according to the occasion. Rolling sleeves, cuffing pants and adding accessories can take one outfit to a whole other dimension. Aside from the basics, statement pieces are essential in any wardrobe. I say YES to textured sweaters, patterned skirts and bold accessories. My go-to type of shoe is the boot. I’m that person who wears boots—combat boots, cutout boots, workman boots, heeled booties—any time of the year. If I were to be stopped on a random day, chances are I’m wearing a watch. I hold a very special place in my heart for watches; they just bring something different to an outfit than a bracelet would.

With all of that being said, check in on Mondays and get your dose of STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK!


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