STYLE GURU BIO: Beckah Porter

Style Guru Bio

Hello my fellow fashion lovers! It’s officially my favorite time of the year, where the weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and the sun-kissed people are soaking up the latest trends of sweet summertime. I could not be more excited to dig into the styles that I see behind my Ray-Bans that are heating up so that all Fashionita/o find inspiration during this season.

My name is Beckah Porter and I am absolutely ecstatic to be a part of the CollegeFashionista team for the summer. I am a rising junior at Elon University (where does the time go?), currently dual majoring in professional writing and rhetoric and creative writing and minoring in theatre arts. Although I am from the North, I have newfound love for the South—but no grits, please. Each Thursday I will be sharing my passion for any hot trends, particularly concentrating on how to incorporate these new styles for a specific occasion.

I am a red-lipstick-wearing, dress-loving, accessory-inspired Fashionista who is borderline obsessed with Converse. My style is forever adapting and evolving as I continue down this fashion path that I so dearly love. I adore fashion because I love what it allows me to do; string together different articles of clothing to piece together the most perfect outfit for any occasion. I dress for who I am, but more importantly who I want to become. Fashion allows me to be creative in this way. I draw new ideas from my surroundings, but build off of my foundation. I love of basic pieces and bold printed shoes. I open up my closet doors in the morning and drink in the different styles, like it’s my morning coffee and I am energized to take on the day. I promise it is a flavor that I will never get tired of.

Lately, I have found myself gravitating towards maxi dresses and hippie headbands, but I am constantly changing things up. I have recently learned that not everything has to match; it just simply has to flow. I wear dresses more than I wear shorts. I have the utmost respect for anyone that can wear jeans because I find them uncomfortable, but I will always be willing to pull off a very ripped pair. When I am not waltzing around in my Converse, I prefer anything that can make my 5-foot-4 frame seem slightly taller. My nails are always painted. I am consistently looking to embellish my outfits with small details of an outfit.

I have found that regardless of the different fads that I have tried (sometimes I look back and cringe) I always make sure to bring two things. One is my confidence in knowing that I can pull off any look. The other is my smile, so that when things don’t work and looked as planned, at least I can laugh about it and try again.


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