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Hi! My name is Becca Weber and I’m a junior at the University of Iowa. I am working towards my degree in Communication studies as well as earning my writer’s certificate and a minor in art, focusing specifically on photography.

When I was younger, I knew exactly what I wanted to do—I wanted to write and I wanted to shop. As soon I began to work in retail, I knew that fashion wasn’t only something I wanted to do, but something I needed to do. Putting together outfits, layering clothes, accessorizing—I was intrigued by the creativity of it all! But after learning that I couldn’t earn a degree in professional shopping, I began my journey down the writing route.

Taking a new creative writing class each semester here at Iowa has given me the chance to explore the endless opportunities writing has. Writing in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, mystery, prose and almost any other genre you can think of, I loved the freedom it allowed to create something out of nothing. While I love writing creative non-fiction, I recently discovered a way to combine my two passions—by writing about fashion! I love the artistry that comes with writing about something so inspired and the freedom it gives to help express your passion.

I couldn’t be more thrilled to continue my internship with CollegeFashionista and am super excited to begin my journey in the fashion world!


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