STYLE GURU BIO: Batool AlShaikh

Style Guru Bio

My name is Batool AlShaikh and I am a third year architecture student from Bahrain, a tiny island is the Persian Gulf. I feel so lucky to be the very first Bahraini CollegeFashionista Style Guru.

Fashion has always been a passion of mine, but I think of it more as a lifestyle; the joy of looking through my wardrobe to pick out an outfit is the only thing I look forward to every morning before going to college. I love mixing up items; I never stick to one shirt to each skirt. I’m very open to wearing any new trends but I make sure I wear it my way. As a hijabi (A girl with the Islamic head scarf) I have to dress up modestly; however it does not mean that I can’t be as fashionable as any other girl. This internship opportunity will give me a chance to show the world the hijabi Fashionistas in my country.

I believe in what Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” I think style is a very personal aspect that can be defined and expressed through fashion, you can defiantly tell who the person is from the way he or she is putting her outfit pieces together. It gives me an awesome feeling to see people from my culture in the middle of college dressing up differently and stepping out of a crowd.

CollegeFashionista to me is a challenge and an opportunity to engage with people who are into fashion in my region, which is harder to find than anywhere else. I’m thrilled to go out there and find out more about those people!


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