STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Minyard

Style Guru Bio

I’m Ashley Minyard, a journalism student at Indiana University with a keen eye for spotting the latest trends on campus. Along with journalism I study apparel merchandising and studio art. I search for creativity everywhere and receive daily inspiration from the wardrobes of my peers.

Even before I stumbled upon CollegeFashionista, I was a fashion blogger for HerCampus, seeking out the latest trends. Now I have the opportunity to do it weekly with the FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT, posted every Wednesday from IU by yours truly.

My whole life I struggled to find my niche in the world, something that would determine my future. In high school, I finally found that I was passionate about the arts, especially when they were expressed through apparel. One day I hope to write about fashion for magazines, or be involved as a merchandiser for a corporation. As long as my life involves the apparel industry, I’ll be happy.

I have a strong belief that fashion is a true and sometimes under appreciated art form. It is something that is practiced everywhere and by everybody, whether it is realized or not. People wake up each morning and make a conscious decision to clothe themselves. Whether it is for protection, style or cultural practice, what they put on their bodies is a reflection of who they are as a person.

My goal is to dig deeper into the wardrobes of college students and find out why they decided to flaunt their daily outfit to the world. I will spot current trends and maybe even get a glimpse of newly emerging ones. Stay tuned every Wednesday for my FASHIONISTA/O SPOTLIGHT!


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