STYLE GURU BIO: Ashley Jones

Style Guru Bio

Fashion can be taught, having style is one of those qualities you were either blessed to have or you don’t.  I’d like to think of myself as one of those people that received the style gene. Growing up in a household were fashion freedom was encouraged, my mother would just wake me up and say, “Pick your clothes out.” There was no rebuttal on my selections only encouraging words that embraced my wardrobe. That stylish foundation grew into a 21-year-old, senior at the University of Houston with a strong desire to be a force in the fashion industry. An Integrated Communications major with a minor in global business, I will have an impact in the fashion public relations field.

My University is the most diverse in the country, my style is very similar. You can catch me on campus in riding pants, a simple solid color blouse, and boots, the next day I’ll be in camouflage pants, timberland boots, and graphic tee. Like myself, our campus is full of different personalities and amazing fashionable students, I’m excited to show you how unique these southern belles and gents can truly be. I promise to bring you exciting, fresh, new trends that will not break your bank. I’m a big believer in getting the most “bang” for your buck, and by bang I mean that awe factor in that outfit that looks like it hurt your wallet. So lets stay stylish, chic and affordable!



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