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Style Guru Bio

Hello! My name is Annette Zuozo and I am currently a freshman at SCAD in Savannah and am majoring in Fashion Marketing and Management and minoring in Writing. This is my first time writing for CollegeFashionista and my first time writing for any blog. I am super excited for this internship because I am dying to share how Fashionistas/os dress at my school to others so they can gather inspiration from them (caught: I’ve been guilty of this). I attend an art school, and it literally is a fashion show everyday no matter if its to an 8 AM class or just to go to the cafeteria. Nevertheless, I love gawking at student’s outfits and now I have a reason to.

I applied for CollegeFashionista the day before I left to come back home for Winter break, which also happened to be the last day they were accepting applications. So, without another thought, I grabbed my roommate (another fashion lover like me) and asked a friend to take a picture for me, since I did not even own a camera at the time. I thought I would have never been able to gain an opportunity like this until I received the congratulations email! Now, every week I’ll be writing the Fashionista/o Spotlight posts and hopefully you guys will enjoy it as much as I will.

A little bit about me before I finish here: I was born and raised in Miami, Florida (yes, it is true, we practically only have one season: summer). I live in cutoff shorts and tank tops so adjusting to the cold winters in Savannah was a bit hard for me, but I’ve grown to love winter clothes. I’m currently obsessed with coats and boots now! I would consider my style to be a mix of simplicity and classiness, like Kate Spade, with color and fun, like Oscar de la Renta. I’ve loved anything to do with fashion since my mother introduced me to her Vogue magazine collection when I barely could even read. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with Teen Vogue and other fashion magazines. I followed the trail of Lauren Conrad on “The Hills” when she interned for Teen Vogue, I bought the Teen Vogue Hand Book and have the Teen Vogue app downloaded to my phone. Yup, I told you I’m obsessed. It’s obviously my dream to one day work for the fashion magazine as a Marketing Director. Well, I hope you read and follow my posts every week and make this new year one to remember!


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