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‘Sup street style lovers and fashion enthusiasts?! My name is Anna Lei and this is my last semester with CollegeFashionista since I am a second-semester senior graduating in May. Obviously, I am weeping hysterically and clinging onto CollegeFashionista’s virtual roots like a wild-eyed ex because I am just not ready to say good-bye.

As both a Style Guru and Editorial Intern for the past couple of years, I’ve been blessed with a plethora of amazing opportunities via this wonderful site. I got to cover London Fashion Week autumn/winter 2013 street style, write an article on college style for The Huffington Post, participate in a CollegeFashionista x eBay collaboration and eat delicious cupcakes and sour skull gummies with Amy and Melissa before Teen Vogue Fashion University 2013. Moreover, Amy and Melissa are the sweetest bosses ever and, might I add, their Facebook banter is unrivaled in cuteness and humor. Thus, I write my last STYLE GURU BIO with heavy reluctance and tear-stained fingers.

In my previous bio, I used a Girls quote to pivot into my thoughts on fashion, so this time, to keep things spicy and new, I’m going to plop in a Kanye quote on style because my New Year’s resolution is to make Yeezus my best friend. The inimitable and undeniably loveable Kanye West once stated, “You do help me get money, paparazzi. You help me show people how fresh my outfit is, and that helps me influence people.” Although these words inspired a spoof by Jimmy Kimmel, which resulted in a Twitter war between the two celebrities, and ended in peace talks on Kimmel’s show, I fail to see what caused all the hoopla in the first place. I think Kanye hit the nail on the head in terms of style’s potency. Whilst my (hopefully soon-to-be) best friend Kanye believes in his style’s ability to impact those around him, I believe that one’s personal style can empower and reflect.

Let’s be real, we’ve all experienced that moment when we’re wearing a certain article of clothing and feel invincible, confident, capable of anything. And that’s mind-blowing. How a simple pair of jeans or those gorgeous designer heels can instantly empower you. Beyond bestowing strength to the individual, I believe that style can empower the artistry within the individual. Assembling an outfit involves creativity and an eye for aesthetics aka the perfect opportunity to let out your inner Picasso and produce a masterpiece ensemble that is uniquely you. And that’s my favorite aspect of style, its ability to reflect the individual. Your clothes can speak for you and let the world know who you are without you saying a single word. Amazing.

On that note, I close my bio. I’m writing the WHAT TO WEAR section for the fourth and last time so stay tuned every Thursday to see what street style gems I discover on campus!

And if you’re not tired of me yet, check out my personal style blog.


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