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My name is Anna Lei and I am a senior (still can’t believe it) at University of Notre Dame. This fall semester is my third semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and I cannot wait to see what the next few months hold. All you regular readers at our grand university are probably tired of reading about me yet again, but it is a duty I must fulfill so bear with me as I fill your eyes with facts about me, my personal style and my affinity for fashion.

My best friend, soul twin and fellow non-basic human being, Ronnie, and I are on a warpath against reality. We say this, of course, for the giggles and knee slaps, but let’s face it, sometimes reality can get pretty bleak. I mean, have you seen that HBO show Girls? In the depths of despair Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, weakly rasps through the tiny blue box of a smartphone, “Life can be scary. Life is much intense. You’ve kind of gotta ride it like a pony or you’ll get a haircut.” Such words certainly resonate with me as I’ve had moments in which I fall off the pony that is life (aka those dark moments at 2 a.m. when studying for a college exam becomes futile in the hands of procrastination) and get a haircut. Literally.

One time, I was attempting to study for a philosophy exam and ended up cutting my bangs into some unshapely mess and taking MacBook Photo Booth photos with my stuffed heffalump named Heffalump. But I digress. And yes, I did get an A on that test. Returning to the point I am trying to convey, life is not always beautiful and sometimes it forces you to get an ugly haircut. Fashion, however, is a realm of eternal beauty and great hair. Just flip through the glossy pages of Vogue and you’ll slip into a world full of perfectly tailored clothing, flowing locks and devastatingly symmetrical faces. In this cosmos of haute couture, creativity reigns and fills the sky with infinite stars of possibility. Between the sky and the stars, you escape the dreariness of the daily grind. You find freedom. You believe in magic.

At least that’s what happens to me when I get lost in the latest issue of my favorite fashion magazines.

As far as my own personal style, you can check it out on my personal style blog, Chameleon Soul. My go-to look is eclectic boho, but I’m always pushing past my comfort zone with clothes by experimenting with new and sometimes truly strange looks. Currently, I’m trying to adopt minimalist, editorial outfits into my wardrobe. We’ll see how my maximalist heart tackles that challenge.

Anyways, enough about me and more about you. Yes, you. I’m writing the WHAT TO WEAR column every Thursday, so honey put on that party dress (or suit) and maybe you’ll see your pretty face gracing the pages of CollegeFashionista this semester!


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