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Hello, again! My name is Anna Lei and I am a Pre-medical and English double major at the University of Notre Dame. I am beyond thrilled to work as both Style Guru and Editorial Intern for CollegeFashionista this summer. I shall continue with my weekly WHAT TO WEAR posts, so get ready for some snazzy snaps of the coolest kids in one of the most beautiful places in the world, sunny San Diego. After spending four months in London and falling in love with its quirky, avant-garde street style, I forgot how much I dig Cali style. But after moseying down the beachside boutiques, I quickly became reacquainted with my fondness for the Sunshine State and its effortlessly stylish residents. For a quick taste of what to expect, think boho chic meets edgy glamor meets SoCal hip meets beach bum mentality. It’s quite the mouthful, but I pinky promise with a cherry on top that it will be magically delicious!

As far as my own individual style, feel free to get a glimpse of it for yourself on my personal fashion/style blog, Chameleon Soul. The blog features my daily outfits, music interests, experiences in the wonderful world of fashion (London Fashion Week 2013!) and silly musings. Take a peek if you want to learn even more about me, but I’m sure this personal bio is more than enough! So, moving on from the subject of me and onto why I’m so head over heels about piecing together clothes.

In my last STYLE GURU BIO I mentioned how I believe my style is an expression of my individuality. Since repeating myself is a waste of everyone’s time, I’m going to view the matter from a different angle. I think the process of assembling an outfit is extremely liberating. In terms of how you dress, there are no boundaries in the fashion world. You can wear an oversized cat’s head and it’s totally okay. Believe me, someone did at London Fashion Week in February and the shutterbugs went crazy over her. As long as you let go of your inhibitions, you can be anything you want to be. That just made me feel like such an elementary school teacher, but I’m serious. With a simple change of clothing, you can go from ’80s punk chick to ’20s flapper girl. That’s the magic behind the wardrobe. Your clothes are your own personal fairy godmother; they transform you, Cinderella. I know you guys all know this because I’m positive you all have a particular article of clothing, whether it be jeans or a T-shirt, that has the capability of making you feel beautiful on even your worst days. For me, it’s my Michael Kors sunglasses.

There you have it; that’s me in under 500 words. As the great F. Scott Fitzgerald declared, “Life begins again in the summer,” so I hope you’re ready to soak in the sun’s rays and live vicariously through the Fashionista/os I spot in San Diego.


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