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As hard as it is to believe, I am beginning my second year as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. Three semesters and countless posts later, I find myself starting this spring semester with a new outlook, new resolutions and lots of new shoes. I can hardly fathom how much my outlook on fashion has changed since last January as I wrote my first post.

As much as I valued the importance of street style at the beginning of last year, I never understood the impact it has until I began scouting it for myself. Scouring Emory’s campus for the next Internet sensation, I have begun to see the realities of college style. There are undoubtedly those people that wear sweatpants and pajamas to class (I get it, they’re comfortable), but those who choose to place care and effort in their personal style demonstrate the variable nature of personal style in college.

Each person undergoes there own style journey. We all look back and inevitable ask ourselves, “How did I think that looked good???” For me it was a leopard print, velvet, bell-sleeve top (yes, it existed) from Limited Too that I absolutely loved, but as you can guess, was not my best decision. Nowadays I look back to my flare jeans, choker necklaces and bucket hats with both disgust and retrospective of how my style has changed.Watching my peers as their style grows alongside mine has been a tremendously educative and mutual experience over the last three semesters. I cannot wait to continue this over the spring, the perfect season for a new look.

Just as my style has grown and changed, so has my column for this week. I will now be writing the WHAT TO WEAR section for Emory and could not be more excited to share my perspective on certain events for all of you. I hope that my posts help teach you in the same way that they teach me, how to exemplify your personal style and grow as the Fashionistas/os we are. I can’t wait for another great semester!


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