STYLE GURU BIO: Amanya Maloba

Style Guru Bio

Hi Everyone! My name’s Amanya and I’m currently a third year student at the University of Chicago. Although, I’m still a UChicago student, I’m spending the full academic year abroad in London at King’s College London. After taking the fall semester off as a Style Guru, I am so excited to be back writing, in addition to editing, for CollegeFashionista and in a new city at that.

There is no shortage of style in London, and I have yet to have a day pass here in London Town where I haven’t been inspired by more Fashionistas and Fashionistos than I can count on both hands. While the trends across the pond definitely impact my style, I stay connected to American trends through print publications, street style blogs, fashion sites such as StyleLikeU and Refinery29 and of course, CollegeFashionista!

I don’t think I could classify my style into any neat category, but my guiding principle is to invest in pieces that are well-made, timeless and well-fitted. After that, anything goes as far as outfits are concerned. One of my favorite parts of the day is standing in front of my closet after I’ve showered, putting my iTunes on shuffle and finding something to wear that matches my given mood.

Although I don’t have one set style, I’m really into sweaters lately (I have a brand new collection acquired through raiding Mom’s and Dad’s closets, thanks!) and unless I’m in a dress or boyfriend jeans, you would be hard-pressed to find me not wearing super skinny pants–the tighter the better. My favorite pieces in my closet all have stories or faces attached to them and that’s why I enjoy fashion so much. Everyday I get to dress myself in memories and stories and create new ones through rearranging outfits.

I look forward to writing for the FASHION FROM ABROAD column this semester to show all Fashionistas — American, English and beyond, the best that London has to offer and hopefully inspire all of us to be more innovative, conscious and expressive with our wardrobe.


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