STYLE GURU BIO: Allison Ramirez

Style Guru Bio

My name is Allison Ramirez and I have been involved in a passionate and consuming love affair with all things fashion since the tender age of four (accompanied with the secret of kidnapping my mother’s heels and countless fashion magazines, of course). I am a junior studying English and Communications with a divine love for coffee, wearing too much jewelry and my adorable dogs. Words cannot describe how utterly thrilled I am to be a part of the amazing CollegeFashionista team once again!

As mentioned by one of my favorite bloggers, “You’ve got to dig to find what you really dig.” I couldn’t possibly think of a simpler way to capture my ever changing (and quite possibly bi-polar) style, but you’ll usually find me battling the South Texas heat in a pair of vintage cut-offs and an overwhelming array of jewelry. Over the years I have gone from Dr. Martens to high-rise bell bottoms to Jeffrey Campbell platforms and then some how found myself sporting vintage sundresses with those very same Dr. Martens. Nevertheless, I feel as we grow and our perceptions change, our clothing choices follow suit, which is the driving force behind my love for fashion. It is a constant presence that evolves everyday, capturing our innermost feelings and allowing us to dictate the image we project upon the world. It gives us the power to make a strike instantly, declaring who we are with a single glance.

I find fashion inspiration in a variety of different outlets; whether it be at a gritty rock ‘n’ roll show, a weekend music festival or my personal hero, Man Repeller. I must admit that some of my best discoveries, and undoubtedly those that lie closest to my heart, are those found at home on the Texas-Mexico border. I cannot wait to exercise my sartorial skills once again and share the vivid style inspiration taking place at Texas A & M International University this fall!


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