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It was my first semester of college, English 15 with Professor Kellerman. He chose me to answer the ever-popular question of what I would like to do once I graduated from Penn State. I was caught incredibly off-guard. While the entire class could sense my lack of courage and abundance of nerves, I told him my dreams of one day making it big in the fashion industry. He told me, “No dream is too big, and if it seems too big, you’re dreaming right.” From that very second on, I realized that I not only had a dream and a passion, but also that I would make them my reality.

My name is Allie DeBor and I am honored to announce that this is my second semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. I am currently on my way to being a junior at Penn State University where I am studying Public Relations with a double minor in Business and Psychology. Even though fashion is not really part of my course work, it is definitely my desired stop on my journey to a career.

Fashion is the one thing that has always been of interest to me. Even at a young age, I could be found in my mother’s closet, mesmerized by the pieces hanging on the racks. Dress-up was a whole other story in our household and consisted of stumbling around in way too expensive heels while chiffon and silk collected dog hair. This love has continued now in my later years through my work as a Style Guru and Editor for CollegeFashionista, as well as through my own blog Un Peu de Mode (A Little Fashion). Clearly, I have a real “passion for fashion.”

I find true enjoyment in style, writing and photography, and I am so excited to work with all three of these again through continuing as a Style Guru. This past spring I gave you all a taste of the trends around Happy Valley, and this summer I will be taking an exciting and different route. You can find me showing off my sunny weather wardrobe every Tuesday through my STYLE GURU STYLE posts!

Keep an eye out for my weekly post, Fashionistas/os, and I hope all of you can find the perfect fashion fit for you through the trendy closet of mine.


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