STYLE GURU BIO: Alinnette Hernandez

Style Guru Bio

Being a Fashionista is more than just dressing well with a love for shopping. It expands to the most minimal of daily acts from the way you carry yourself in heels to the way you cautiously glide red lipstick. Behind every outfit is a spark of creativity — a brain scanning each piece of clothing and processing every bit of information into a virtual repertoire of inspiration.

For me, that virtual repertoire consists of all the dazzling, sparkling costumes of Copacabana (1947), the wonderful oddities of clothing in the silent film Salomé (1923) and my family’s own wrinkled black and white photographs. Perhaps just as memorable, memories of a five-year old me modeling high heels in department stores and receiving such satisfaction from the sound of fiercely walking on tile (once a Fashionista, always a Fashionista, right?). These collective memories alter the way I perceive clothing in the smallest, yet most personal way and remind me that fashion lives and breathes in our society today more than ever.

Where you find inspiration — whether it’s through films, photographs, people or places — is the fascinating part. Fashion speaks to strangers alike, revealing a sense of identity or home and creating an outlet for communication. We often walk around in the midst of strangers not realizing that they too make some of the same decisions: what to wear, whether to verbally compliment the girl with the cute shoes and who to smile and thank. It’s important to remember that the small things are what make you kind and fashionable.

As I venture around UCF for my second semester as a Style Guru and second year as a Marketing and Studio Art student, I’ll pay close attention to every special moment we dress for. The amount of paths you cross in a lifetime are innumerable and so are the amount of opportunities you can dress up for — there’s a world of fashion waiting!



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