STYLE GURU BIO: Ali Stagnitta

Style Guru Bio

Get ready, Fashionistas/os. I’m back at it and can’t wait to give you the lowdown on my favorite season for fashion—fall! The jeggings, the booties, the jackets, the crisp fall breeze tickling your face—I love it all, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

This semester I’m writing for STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK, so I will be telling you all you need to know about fall fashion, specifically in DC. I am a rising sophomore at George Washington University, majoring in Journalism with a concentration in Broadcast Fashion and Entertainment News. CollegeFashionista is such a fabulous experience, so I encourage readers this semester to get involved. Enter a sweepstakes, approach a Style Guru at your school, answer @CFashionista’s #QuestionoftheWeek and get involved with the fashion on your campus.

Before GW, I was nervous to take fashion risks. I would wear almost the same V-neck and chinos in different colors to high school everyday. When I would try to wear something unique, I’d usually hear all about it at the lunch table. At GW, I promised myself that I would wear what I wanted, when I wanted, be it heels in class or make-up to the gym. And I did. Now, here I am, a Fashionista who wears what she wants confidently and no one says “boo” about it.

I challenge you this semester to wear what you want. Fashion, I have learned, is about you. No one else. Dress for yourself and be in what makes you confident and happy. Wear your red lipstick proudly. Buy yourself something you never thought you would, like those leather pants you’ve been dying to try. Take a risk and be yourself this semester.


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