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This summer will be my sixth and final semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. CollegeFashionista has been such an integral part of my college experience as I make my way into the corporate fashion world.

I am currently a senior majoring in Journalism and art at the University of Alabama. I am the culture editor and fashion columnist for my school’s paper, The Crimson White. Between fashion column-ing and Style Guru-ing, my college career has been completely immersed in seeking out the latest trends and experimenting with my own personal style.

My love for all things fashion blossomed at a young age. Being forced into humdrum school uniforms complete with boxy polos and knee-length plaid skirts encouraged my current love of eclectic ensembles with lots of personality—and for that I thank you, private schooling.

For me, getting dressed in the morning is my first accomplishment of the day. I consider clothes to be an extension of my personality, an outlet of sorts. I find myself daydreaming of unusual apparel combinations. Fashion gets me excited to get out of bed to imitate a look I saw on one of my favorite fashion blogs or create my own character. I am always on the lookout for more blogs to add to my daily internet stroll and more magazines to cultivate my fashion knowledge.  My love of print mixing, classic twisting and high heels propels my own style blog, Ragged or Well Dressed.

I believe leopard print is a neutral, every outfit is in need of one sparkly note and polka-dots will never go out of style.

After I graduate, with my affinity for writing and ardor for fashion in tow, I plan to leave the college-town life and write for a fashion magazine. My goal is to inspire others to see fashion as another realm of creativity to be utilized for personal experimentation.


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