STYLE GURU BIO: Kristin Richards

Style Guru Bio

Hello again. This season I will be kicking off your Mondays with savvy STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK. As winter transitions into spring, so too will your wardrobes. Every season there is always more in store with fresh prints and palettes in bloom. Don’t get me wrong; “florals, for spring? Ground breaking.” But it’s what you do with these trends that captures my attention. As the Style Guru, I will post a new column every Monday highlighting a signature piece in a look and giving advice on how you can work it into your own. That being said, let me work in more about myself.

I am a rising senior at the Pennsylvania State University and this will be my final season with CollegeFashionista. As time seems to fly, so have the past couple years. I will be completing my time at the university as an undergraduate student and moving on to greater possibilities. It is exciting but it is also daunting and I certainly wish you all the best in your own search for fulfillment, whatever that may be. Myself, I love everything about fashion. I recently found out from my mom that she never dressed me when I was little. As I can recall, she said something along the lines of, “Oh. I would buy the clothes. But you chose to wear whatever you wanted.” I’d like to think I had great taste from day one.

And since my first wardrobe, I have come to realize these choices reflect a part of us. Simply put, fashion shapes each of our own images. When you wake up and open those closet doors, you are putting on a sense of who you are for the world to see—and that is what I hope to capture with a lens. From killer wedge sneaks to chunky knit beanies to everything in-between, I am going to be scouting our campus for those fashionably inclined.


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