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Sometimes I think that I’m living in the wrong generation.  I mean, come on, how beautiful were women in their platform pumps and bell-bottom jeans?  The ’70s were probably the only generation that could pull off the “I haven’t combed my hair, but my natural locks are waving perfectly,” look.  This look today is what many refer to as “bohemian,” or for short “boho.”

Although this style is ever so eye-catching, it takes a unique and feminine lady to pull it off properly and this Fashionista most definitely has that bohemian vibe. It’s that Free People meets That 70’s Show style, aka the perfect balance.

What this Fashionista does well is she ties together a flowy, sheer, white blouse with puffy sleeves and a pair of the perfect shade of dark blue jeans.  This is a classic color combo, but with that extra hippie pizzazz. This Fashionista is very petite and narrow. I know first hand what it’s like to be so tiny that sometimes it looks like my oversized and flowy garments are eating me!  But she adds length to her legs with the perfect height pumps.

Part of this bohemian look requires a natural beauty. This Fashionista lets her long, beachy hair flow, complimenting her effortlessly natural look.  If you’re trying to become that bohemian-gypsy-goddess, always remember to keep it simple and let your inner beauty shine!


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