STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

Style Advice of the Week

The fashion world has always had a soft spot in its heart for faux animal print. There have been zebra stripes and Dalmatian spots, but it is leopard print that has always been king of the fashion jungle. There’s no doubt that we’ve all seen our fair share of tacky leopard print ensembles. Who remembers the iconic Scary Spice leopard catsuit from the Spice Girls’ early days? So wrong, yet so right. However, Fashionistas, street style has proven that the big-cat print can be utterly chic when worn in the right way. Take “It” girls Alexa Chung and Kate Moss as examples. They both have leopard print as their go-to palette. The British style icons show that leopard print can be worn as a neutral in substitution of black, navy, gray or white. The cat print adds a bit of grunge to any look and it’s easy to take it from daywear to evening attire.

In the heart of our concrete jungle (seriously, my university is made out of concrete), I spotted this fierce Fashionista from miles away. It’s her faux fur leopard print coat from Topshop that made her stand out in a sea of students. This Fashionista pairs her fluffy leopard print with casual, comfortable and stylish black harem pants from H&M, which are tucked into a classic Chelsea boot from Topshop to give the look that extra edge. And I gotta say, this Fashionista has some mad fashion skill. It takes a very fashionable eye to pull off multiple prints in an outfit. Through a layering trifecta, this Fashionista wears a fuzzy knitted crew jumper from Topshop, which is then layered over a monochromatic cardigan from Forever 21. The look is completed with her final layer, which is the leopard print coat. The statement piece is left unbuttoned to show off her sleek all-black street look. The different prints, patterns and textures that this Fashionista wears may have been risky, but she pulls it off in such a stylish way. The all black and white outfit allows the outer layer of leopard print to pop. And the multiple layers give the bold look depth.

Along with her killer outfit is the Fashionista’s eye-catching accessories. On her wrist is a Casio Gold & Black Digital Watch from American Apparel and on her back is a leather backpack. Her bright pink nails and purple lipstick give the outfit a subtle snap of colour. Even the red umbrella is a darling touch to the aura of the look.

The leopard print is always changing its spots and becoming more innovated each fashion season. From classic to modern to bohemian to dazzling, leopard print explores multiple dimensions of style and adds a zesty and confident cheekiness to any wardrobe. Go on Fashionistas and release your inner animal!


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