STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Your Dad’s Favorite Flannel

Style Advice of the Week
Never underestimate your parent’s fashion advice. Fashion from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s was (and still is) iconic! Do you remember the knee-high socks and color-block dress combination? Now vintage, a lot of what’s in our parent’s closet can be worn again. This Fashionista took the term “recycled” literally when it came to this week’s look.
A majority of what this Fashionista is wearing is thrifted, borrowed or was bought extremely cheap on a sale’s rack. Her flannel is something borrowed from her father’s closet of button-down shirts. It’s a great long sleeve shirt to wear over her graphic printed T-shirt from the men’s section of Forever 21. If you look at both pieces separately, it looks as if the flannel and graphic shirt wouldn’t match, but this Fashionista gives enough evidence that these two items match perfectly!
Her black purse from the infamous Nordstrom sales rack is used to accessorize this look. Not too big and not too small, this bag is the perfect size for any student who needs extra room for books and snacks. Her Juicy Couture tights were also bought from the Nordstrom sales rack. While shopping in Los Angeles she found her shoes during an outside fashion market. This Fashionista’s purse, boots and black tights dress up the flannel from masculine and laid-back to feminine and fashionable. To top her look, she added a gray beanie from American Apparel. In my opinion, the beanie adds a nice touch of gray that resembles the shirt. If she wore a black beanie, it would have made her ensemble too dark.
All smiles, this Fashionista looked this cute while getting more for her dollar. A lot of dad-inspired flannels like this Fashionista is wearing can be found at any men’s section in a department store or a local thrift shop. A couple of my favorites include this flannel from Forever 21’s men section and this flannel from Macy’s Josh Ashford collection. You never know when your dad’s favorite flannel can become your favorite fashion item.

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