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Strolling through campus, you are bound to pass Fashionistas/os headed in every which way towards all different locations and activities. I caught this Fashionista while she was on her way to work, being required to wear the ever daunting “business casual” attire. But this Fashionista doesn’t let that often stuffy label come in the way of her fashion sense.

A sleek pair of tweed pants paired with a draped black cardigan adds texture and life to this working girl’s ensemble. Her plum-colored leather bag adds the perfect punch to break up the black and white color scheme. As college students, we are constantly being asked to dress “business casual.” Whether we are attending career fairs, interviewing for a job or headed off to our internships, we couldn’t be more in need of clothes that are not only professional but also memorable. Taking note from this Fashionista, finding great patterned or textured pants that are made of more formal fabrics such as silk or chino allow you to not only look professional, but also yourself. Try these striped silk pleated pants or these spotted trousers in order to make a statement yet also still appear professional and ready to get to work. Getting a pair of pants that is cropped at the ankle also allows any Fashionista to show off a great pair of flats for running errands for your boss or tapping your toes while sitting in your cubicle. The final touch for your outfit, as featured by this Fashionista is the colored leather bag. Break up the often monochromatic work attire color scheme with a solid bold color or some color blocking. This color block clutch is perfect for holding your day planner and wallet or some candy bar wrappers and a sea of pennies, if you’re anything like me. The leather keeps the bag office appropriate while the color keeps your look vibrant and put-together.

So Fashionista/os, in such a large pool of working men and women it is easy to fall victim to having a boring “business casual” wardrobe. Break the mold and try some patterned trousers with a dazzling color block bag to keep on point while on the go at work.


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