STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Winter Is (Almost) A Wrap

Style Advice of the Week

One last note about winter—it’s going to be over soon. While few of us will mind watching the snow disappear, the impending increases in temperature also mean saying goodbye to our favorite cold weather pieces. More importantly, it means the time left to try new winter looks is running out. Have you guys tried the “blanket as real clothing” trend? I saw a picture of Lenny Kravitz rocking a blanket scarf a few months ago, and have been intrigued with the possibility of couch-comfy warmth with me everywhere I go.This Fashionista does not have said blanket scarf, however something about her wrap dress evokes the same swaddled comfort of a blanket.

The term ‘blanket dress’ doesn’t seem very flattering, especially when we live in the age of Snuggies, however, I love that this Fashionista is able to maintain her figure despite her many layers. I’m a huge proponent of accentuating the waist because it’s the easiest way to create a complimentary silhouette. Her small, gold-buckled belt is discreet, however, it is possible to make this look as far out as you want by playing with belt size and material. Furthermore, use the color scheme to personalize your look—I would probably rock this look with a black dress, a silver belt and a royal blue peacoat.

I think the reason this trend appeals to me is that I like clothes that I can wrap myself in, and have the feeling of hiding from the world. Ironically, what happens when you wrap a skirt on your head or a blanket around your neck is that it becomes impossible to actually hide as you take up more physical space, and also demand more attention. However, during the final push of winter, it’s good to know that if you have to carry a security blanket to get through the days, you can still be chic.


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