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Even though we’re not even halfway through the official winter season, the weather has already begun to let up a bit. Six out of the seven days of the week, the sun is shining and I’m already starting to see some people wearing summer-like clothing to class. I wouldn’t, however, consider it warm enough to bare skin especially at this time of year. I’m always taken aback when I see someone walking around in shorts or a skirt!

Just like there’s a rule against wearing white after Labor Day as a way to officially mark when people should stop wearing summer clothes, I feel like there should be a day sometime in March that tells people, “It’s warm, you’re free to wear summer clothes now.” Because of this weird social dress code I’ve formulated in my head about what kind of clothes people should wear at this time of year, I loved that this Fashionista seemed to nonverbally agree with me.

She dressed for the warmer weather by pairing a pleated, color-block skirt with a short-sleeved striped shirt; yet she still followed my winter dress code by covering her legs up with tights. The black opaque tights worked well with the black accents on her shirt and skirt. Bonus points were given here for making me not want to shiver like I do whenever I see bare legs in the winter! This paired with the black booties creates for a flattering, leg-elongating look. Snag a pair similar to this Fashionista’s here or try a pair of heeled ankle boots. These ones from Madewell are next on my shopping list.

Aside from the fact that I don’t feel a dire need to throw a blanket over this Fashionista because she’s wearing tights, I also really like the luxurious look tights give an outfit. Tights make wearing a skirt look so much more proper and appropriate for the winter season. So take advantage of layering up while you can because this accessory looks oddly out of place come summer time!


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