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Let’s talk about sneaker wedges. They may be a bit off your radar, but this footwear trend just keeps on truckin’. Never has an outright copy of such a novel concept straight from the runway become so prevalent on a humble sidewalk. After an Isabel Marant-induced frenzy swept the fashion world following her 2012 show, fast fashion brands were quick to catch on with even Nike, arguably the King of the Sneaker, dishing out its own iteration.

With the sporty trend continuing on an upward slope, the concept itself doesn’t seem too foreign in an era when we’re wearing neoprene miniskirts and layering sports bras under blazers. The fashion set, who seem to take it as a personal challenge to make anything and everything, well, “fashionable” (see: Birkenstocks, pajamas, gauchosahem, culottes), adopted the originals with everything from silky maxi skirts to leather pants. With most knock-offs, however, you’ll have to do without that trio of Velcro straps that spawn flashbacks to grade school. Maybe throw on some lace frill-topped socks?

Being entirely honest, I don’t see myself ever purchasing a pair of sneaker wedges. That being said, I must clarify that I don’t think they’re overarchingly bad or ugly. I fully believe that any item can be styled in such a way to make it worthy of a Scott Schuman or Tommy Ton snapshot. The catch is, there’s rarely one magic formula that can be spewed out to make an individual hyper-stylish. There are guidelines, advice, suggestions and endless inspiration from other individuals, but you can never be truly certain until you try something on yourself. So go out and experiment with those wedges, Fashionistas! The outfit doesn’t make the person; the person makes the outfit.

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to try bold and interesting patterns that really express your personality! Add your own personal touch by choosing something high-waisted or adding studs…or maybe even both!”


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