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As finals week approaches, or comes to a close, it’s weird to think that one of the most stressful things in your life may not be that 100-question exam that you have on Friday. It goes without saying that getting dressed during finals week becomes a petty task, even for us Fashionistas. However, when there is even more than the countless library hours impeding and limiting your outfit choices, that’s where things get tricky.

Although in high school snow days meant no school, hot chocolate and super comfy pajamas, in college it’s hard to say the same still holds true. When it snows in college, everything still goes on exactly as scheduled. If you have an exam, you still have that exam and if you need to trek to the library, you still need to trek to the library in the five inches of snow that accumulated overnight.

As it has been super snowy and stressful in Delaware, I was pleasantly surprised to see this Fashionista in the library dressed to the nines. While she could have resorted to yoga pants and an oversized sweatshirt, she did quite the opposite. Her velour leggings are definitely trendy and as an added bonus they will keep her warm as the snow falls and the temperatures drop. The sweater that she paired with the look is both adorable and seasonal, and the beige color in contrast to the black leggings gives the outfit a little bit more of a pop. The color of her sweater also complements her skin tone nicely and allows her to look tan even during a whiteout. Her functional and fashionable Hunter Boots tie the outfit all together, and most importantly give her feet a little extra warmth.

So as finals (and snow) begin to really take a toll on your life, don’t let them affect how fashionable you really are. It’s hard not to let the times get you down, but if you follow in the lead of this Fashionista you will be sure to have an outfit that’s perfect for any storm.


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