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Historically speaking, fashion acted as identification for groups and tribes who wished to aesthetically identify themselves with a particular culture or sub-culture. For those who are of Scottish heritage, you will know all about tartans that are associated with last names. While not all last names have a specific tartan pattern, you are free to choose whatever colour of tartan that fancies your needs. One will recall the Alexander McQueen dress Sarah Jessica Parker wore in 2006, which made quite the statement for plaid. Some may say that this is an overload of one pattern in one intake, but I rather like the use of this cultured pattern. And if the Sarah Jessica Parker, the queen of fashion, pulled off such a number, then that’s an indication that tartan is worth a risk.

I thought this Fashionista was aptly dressed, as she wore it sparingly in scarf form. Tartan is typically a winter cloth and evokes thoughts of Christmas and blistery winter nights in the snow. The trick to wearing tartan is knowing what types of tartan pieces work well with your body. As a very bold pattern, tartan pants would work well on slender legs, as it would draw a lot of attention. Vogue nicely illustrates the various colours and textures that tartan can be worn. You don’t have to automatically think of jarring red tartan, as it can be quite subtle and soft.

Sneaky tartan tights are another stylish way to wear such a pattern. Free People has these tartan tights that would look great with a black wool skirt or maybe with rolled up jeans. Whatever way you choose to wear this iconic knit, do it proudly as the Scots do!


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