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Imagine a woman so exquisite that her beauty is still recognized millennia later — someone so stunning that she became the icon of an ancient civilization. Undoubtedly a beauty so remarkable would be best fit for a queen, and that she was. Nefertiti was a queen who ruled alongside one of ancient Egypt’s most controversial pharaohs, King Akhenaten. Aside from her staggering beauty, she’s also renowned for her strength and the incredible influence that she had on her subjects. However even more intriguing is her mysterious role after her husband’s death, when she presumably disguised herself as a pharaoh until her step-son Tutankhamen could take the throne. By simply changing her attire from feminine to masculine, Nefertiti became one of the most powerful women in Ancient Egypt, if not in ancient history.

Like Nefertiti, it wasn’t uncommon for women in the past to disguise themselves as men in order to have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. However, menswear-inspired clothing transitioned from a political statement of inequality to a sartorially significant entity when notable designers like Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent harnessed the strong fashion statement that this style conveys, pioneering once controversial pieces like the trouser and the female tuxedo. Although the phenomenon of menswear-inspired clothing is far from novel, it seems to have gained increasing popularity with the recent resurgence of the androgyny trend on the runways. This week’s Fashionista shows that when done properly, the menswear-inspired trend can look nothing short of daring.

When going for menswear-inspired trends, many Fashionistas tend to opt for more tailored pieces — yet this Fashionista caught my eye due to her bold decision to opt for laidback pieces that are unapologetically inspired by the more boyish style donned by the coolest Fashionistos. Although her accessories add a subtle hint of femininity, the rest of her ensemble exudes a cheeky rebellion that stands contrary to everything conventionally feminine. This Fashionista achieved her look by combining classically casual pieces, yet the chic vibe of her outfit comes from the way the fit, fabric and color palette of these pieces complement each other. To start, her boyfriend jeans look intentionally loose without being too baggy, while the cuff at the bottom adds a tailored touch. Instead of opting for a form-fitting black tank, she picked a black muscle tank and created the perfect fit by making a side knot with the extra fabric. Her studded leather sneakers are also to die for, giving a cool, modern edge to a normally understated shoe option. Lastly, her maroon snapback hat added the perfect pop of color, acting as the metaphorical cherry on top of an effortlessly chic ensemble.

This season, become inspired by the courageous women in history who broke the bounds of femininity by dressing like the opposite gender. Whether wearing a blazer,\ or dressed down in denim, harness your sense of sartorial adventure and you’ll see for yourself the bold style combinations that can be born when girl meets boy.


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