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There’s nothing like a boring, plain outfit to start off your week on the wrong foot. It seems too often that people substitute their fashion sense for something easy and comfortable to throw on. Little do they know, you can have your cake AND eat it too. The perfect way to spice up your outfit while still being casual and comfy can be done through the use of bold prints, like cheetah. When I spotted this Fashionista on a Sunday morning, she had ditched the leggings and sweatshirt uniform that most girls sport for this bright and sophisticated cheetah shirt.

Some days you wake and up and just know that it is going to be leggings kind of day. Which is perfectly fine, because if paired with the right thing, leggings don’t have to look sloppy or thrown on. In replacement for the usual oversized sweater or baggy T-shirt, try putting it with a blouse. A colorful blouse, or a brightly printed one like this Fashionista’s, can make an outfit with leggings look trendier and more put together. I love that this Fashionista chose to wear cheetah print. Cheetah print is one of those patterns that I feel never really goes out of style if worn the right way. Blouses such as this, a scarf or through subtle accessories are all ways that you can make cheetah print look classy and trendy. I like that is it bold and makes a statement.

This student also wears a pair of timeless Tory Burch riding boots. The crisp leather with the gold logo makes these boots the perfect staple for any outfit. Better yet, they will never go out of style. Good riding boots are a great investment to make. To top off the outfit, this Fashionista wears long gold and black necklaces to tie in her cheetah print (but not overwhelmed it) and a classic gold watch on her wrist. This outfit is a perfect way to look casual, but still fashionable, on one of those mornings where you might be struggling.


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