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Despite what some critics may say, I am a huge fan of the high-waisted denim. When paired with the right complements these “mom jeans” can be very flattering to just about any body type. The so-called “mom jeans” have recently made their comeback debut into the wardrobes of young Fashionistas around the country. We have seen this comeback at music festivals, summer street style and even extending to school campuses.
Stars like Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Hudgens have embraced the street style trend like our Fashionista has done here. Her way high-waisted denim is paired with a clean-cut black shirt and some bad girl boots. She has put a vintage yet chic spin on the high-waisted trend that we have grown to love again.
You can capture this Fashionista’s look with just a few easy steps. First begin with a basic denim piece. You can choose either pants or shorts then build your outfit from there. Our Fashionista here chose a way high-waisted look but yours doesn’t have to be as dramatic and can be more of a slightly high-waisted fit.
When choosing your denim, keep in mind the differences between high-waisted and low-waisted denim. Denim with a low-waist should rest on your hips, while denim with a high-waist should rest at or above your waist depending on how high you are looking to go.
For those of you who are nervous to try this look or worried that you might start to look frumpy, keep in mind the items that you pair with your denim have a huge impact on the high-waisted look that you are trying to create.  The celebrities that we often notice wearing the high-waisted trend tend to go for a hippie or flower child ensemble, but you can make just a few changes for a more preppy or put-together look.
The first is to go for a darker wash. This creates a slimming element to the fit of the jeans on your body. You can then pair that with a simple button-up shirt and a colorful belt to complete the look.
High-waisted denim is making a comeback. Stars, festival goers and college students alike have been flocking to the trend.  You too can bring this trend to your own closet with just a few easy steps. And don’t be afraid to try out all kinds of possibilities to find your perfect fit!


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