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In my years of fashion loving and self-styling, I’ve come to understand that many people have some misconceptions about Fashionistas/os. One of the misconceptions is that we are only interested in name brands and the newest styles. While these entities are undeniably part of the fashion world, Fashionistas/os and designers alike are also very concerned with vintage and off brand names.

Finding the perfect vintage piece is exactly like finally being able to afford that uber expensive but totally wardrobe enhancing top you’ve been eying.

Unfortunately, thrift shopping has been reduced to the go-to place for the annual ugly sweater holiday party and the “how to look like Macklemore” guide. Despite what we often believe, thrift shopping is much more than chunky sweaters and strange smelling fur coats. This week’s Fashionista rocks vintage pieces sartorially and dismantles the stereotypes about thrift stores and fashion lovers.

My favorite part of this outfit is the velvet button-up.  Oversized is, without a doubt, one of my preferred trends of the season. It’s a breath of fresh air from the bodycon dress that never seems to run its course. While the oversized shirt calls upon modern trends, the velvet screams vintage. I recently thrifted a velvet dress and found myself wondering why it ever went out of style. Soft fabric, cute cut and an air of luxury to boot—what more can a Fashionista/o ask for?

Light wash skinny jeans are the perfect way to accent the top. The jeans cinch in the legs and keep the oversized shirt from distorting the body. Also the light wash makes the dark velvet pop!

The next best thing about vintage shopping is the abundance of quirky jewelry. My jewelry box consists of mostly gold necklaces and rings. Although traditional jewelry always looks great, it lacks the personality of multicolored and nonsensical trinkets. The watch and necklace add splashes of color and a touch of character that all outfits need.

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