STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Vintage in Dad’s Closet

Style Advice of the Week

The chilly, bitter wind is still biting at our flushed noses this January. And unfortunately, with all these spring articles and magazine images debuting, it causes us trend hungry Fashionistas to want to head straight for the colorful pastels and the playful skirts. But instead, we are baffled and stuck with winter for a little longer. And why not make this cold season as fashionable and comfortable as we can? This Fashionista did just that with her dad’s warm vintage sweater!

This Fashionista brought together the perfect winter essentials all into one cozy look. She is wearing her dad’s vintage gray wool Gap sweater over a spattered acid-washed denim button-up from NASTY GAL. Displayed perfectly on her chest is a gold and silver chained necklace also from NASTY GAL, which gives spunk and creativity to the neckline. All three of these trendy items placed together make her top half become a comfy statement. I must add the skull-studded flats from Urban Outfitters are a lovely touch to the dark-colored look she has going on. But the wool sweater above all, over the collared light denim keeps her winter ensemble simple and neutral. The vintage Gap charcoal sweater certainly is a conversation starter when she was asked what she was wearing. Fathers’ clothes are often pulled pieces for a Fashionista’s school day wardrobe, especially in the cooler seasons. A vintage neutral colored sweater compliments a busy undershirt immensely by the sweater being loose fitted and unadorned.

Being a daddy’s “closet” girl is super easy; you just have to know what to look for. It isn’t the common thing to do, sporting your dad’s attire, but it’s always interesting and exciting to match up with your own clothing styles. So, when pawing through dad’s closet keep a tasteful eye out for big, one-toned pullover sweaters, long flannels to piece with leggings and lengthy button-up sweaters to place over a dramatic top.

When was the last time you saw a piece of clothing your dad had on and thought to yourself, “I want to wear that!” Honestly, probably never have you even whispered that. Point being, the good stuff is hidden deep in the dusts of your old man’s closet; so don’t be afraid to take a gander and snatch some items for yourself! Turns out you might just have your new comfortable winter apparel without dishing out the dough to a store.


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