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There are many memories connected with velvet. From a favorite holiday dress made by grandma to that silky velvet upholstery on father’s armchair; this soft bold fabric certainly leaves an impression. Velvet is a fabric that makes a statement with an interesting texture that is sometimes difficult to wear. Lately, the fashion world has brought the fabric back for fall, taking its uses to new levels in everyday wear.

This Fashionista is wearing a show-stopping mix of textures and jewel tones. Her velvet mini skirt is perfect for the holiday season, yet has been broken out of its mold to be worn as a casual piece. She balances the skirt with a simple cotton T-shirt, adding tights, a fuzzy scarf and an oxblood peacoat to keep warm. Her shoes are a goodwill holiday miracle, with a rich emerald color and classic shape that put the cherry on top of this outfit. The Fashionista sports simple accessories: cute earrings, a jewel toned tote bag, mixed rings and a pendant sculpted from an actual leaf as a token for fall.

While this Fashionista’s outfit is very simple, one of the best things to take from it is her mixture of textures. Mixing texture is an easy way out for outfit crafting — variety can be achieved without the complicated and dangerous task of mixing patterns or silhouettes. Next time you go into a store, lead by touch, find the most intriguing material and try it on. It really only takes one textured item to completely change the dynamic of an outfit, adding dimension and a break from the norm. This Fashionista chose to take the textures to her skirt and scarf.

The velvet doesn’t have to be taken to a clothing item. It is sometimes difficult to wear because it gets hot and is easily blemished. Instead of risking the delicate texture on a staple item, try finding accessories that utilize the texture. Purses are taking the fabric on, making them more touchable than ever. The fabric is even appearing in jewelry, headwear, shoes and hosiery. This is a fabric revolution, finally breaking away from the typical formal wear and holiday only use. Embrace velvet and different textures for your fall and winter wardrobes — they’re so soft, so how can you resist?

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