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For the past few weeks I have walked outside bundled up in sweaters, a peacoat, ear warming headphones, fluffy scarves, gloves and a hat waiting to face the impending frost bite. I could feel the cold nipping through my thick boots and socks, paralyzing my toes.

Then, the other day, I stepped outside into a dream. 30-degree temperatures? Did I die and go to heaven? To me, it felt like a warm snippet of summer. Yes, a 20-degree summer nonetheless, but after the weather the Midwest has been receiving, it feels like Cancun outside. Okay, maybe that is an extreme exaggeration, but you get the point. I guess I should learn to accept this crazy up and down Midwestern living I have experienced for the past 18 years, right?

As a result of increasing temperatures, Fashionistas have been shedding the layers of jackets and long pants to reveal skirts and dresses; just like this Fashionista! I am a huge fan of the high-waisted look, but this Fashionista took an adorable twist with a velvet skater skirt from ROMWE and a black long-sleeve. I really have no other words besides I love this idea. The velvet she wears adds an instant appeal to her outfit. It has the right amount of shine for optimal sophistication. It takes something so simple as a black long-sleeve and skirt and revamps it into a day or night look!

This Fashionista’s ensemble is even classier with the addition of black tights. They look chic and professional with her velvet skirt while adding dark tones throughout her outfit. To put it all together, this Fashionista wears an infinity scarf and black boots. In my opinion, black boots are the best investment for any closet— you can wear them with everything.

If you want to adopt this Fashionista’s look in a different way, I am absolutely a fan of velvet blazers! It can be a bold move, but the bolder the better. It adds flare to any outfit from the regular black blazer. To dress up velvet, I suggest trying out a velvet dress. Velvet dresses are flattering on anyone and perfect for a night out.

I hope you have fun experimenting with velvet this season. I’m already vamping out my wardrobe with it!


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