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The streets were bare and the smell of rain was in the air. While plodding down the cobble streets, I was trying to figure out my next topic to discuss for CollegeFashionista. Knowing finals week was approaching in a matter of days, everyone was exhausted to muster up the strength to stay chic . Out of the corner of my eye this Fashionista lit up my vision with her urban camo chic style.

Fashionista/os urban camo chic has gotten a makeover from the past. If you’re like me, you love having fun with trends and trying new styles but like many, camo has never spoken to me until after spotting this Fashionista.

The key to wearing camo the right way Fashionista/os is about the right silhouette, like camo on skinny jeans can be chic, or like this Fashionista who wore a cropped camo utility jacket.

While she masters camo, she was even able to integrate mixed patterns from her camo utility jacket to trendy cheetah print boots. While the patterns are different, they fall under the same category. What makes them go together is the color palette they both hold.

After talking to this Fashionista she expressed her love for fashion and how you can be extra comfy but look super chic! It’s all about basic pieces but made from innovative fabrics and how you fit them together. Fashionista/os look at this Fashionista’s leggings, they aren’t just cotton. Her leggings are black gloss spandex with an extra high waist. Talk about fabulous.

This Fashionista is looking modern and trendy even leading up to finals. She has truly mastered urban camo chic while looking feminine. First, she started with a plain black knit shirt paired with her cropped camo utility jacket; the shorter shape makes the jacket more modern and cute. For pants, she opted for high-wasted spandex liquid leggings to add a ’80s vibe. For shoes, we wore leopard booties and big gray socks bunched at the ankles for a winter cozy feel. To top off her urban look she added a trendy statement beanie.

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