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For some of my past articles, I have covered breaking some long associated “rules” of fashion that I advocate for getting rid of. Namely, I definitely support the combination of black and brown. To continue this trend of promoting cohesion among different hues, I think it is high time those who shy away from mixing their metals to stop segregating their jewelry. So long are the days where it was either silver OR gold. It’s 2013, shouldn’t we be able to mix whichever metals we please?

This week’s Fashionista proves that these either/or tendencies are a thing of the past. Not only does this Fashionista rock thin gold bangles, but she simultaneously dons a silver and gold combination necklace. Because neither of these pieces are overwhelmingly large, it is not an overpowering combination and works well together.

The rest of Melissa’s outfit is stylishly understated to account for the business of the accessories. If you are eager to begin pairing your jewelry similar to this Fashionista, start with some classic bangles such as this silver sailor’s knot bracelet from Kate Spade and this adorably understated monogrammed bangle from Anthropologie.

Whether you are daring enough to pair these together or possibly just one at a time with a different metaled necklace, mixing metals is something that makes your jewelry routine far more interesting and easy to pick your accessories in the morning!


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