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If you have ever taken a psychology class some of us have been asked, “If you were a color, what color would you be?”.  Some people respond and say that they are yellow because they are bright and happy like the sun. Others would say they would be the color green, because they love the Earth and being environmentally friendly.

When it comes to the color gray, not many people would want that color to represent them because to many, and even in psychology, the color gray is considered boring and subdued. Well in fashion, it does not have to be. I think of the color gray as a neutral canvas for a fashionable opportunity. The great thing about the color gray is it doesn’t put you in position to commit to a strong presence of color because it simply is not.

Our Fashionista this week is neither boring nor subdued. She takes our subtle wallflower color and wears it in a unique way–in different shades. By wearing a darker gray scarf over her lighter gray cable knit cropped sweater (our Fashionista found hers at NASTY GAL), both shades of gray pop. She balances the outfit by wearing a cute black pleated skirt and because gray is the dominate color in her outfit, the black goes well. Our Fashionista made her outfit even more fun by wearing black and white striped leggings and cute black booties. 

The great thing about this outfit is our Fashionista can wear different colored leggings, accessories or shoes to make the outfit pop, because the majority of her outfit is neutral. Like our Fashionista, if you are wearing gray, you can also wear a variety of prints (floral is a fun one). Another thing that I love about this outfit is our Fashionista’s blonde hair pops against her outfit!

If you are wondering about what kind of grays to wear, worry not. There is one gray out there for everyone. Gray’s spectrum and range ending at black or white is practically endless. It will always be an elegant color and a grand background for blending or contrasting. Gray is a perfect trend for all seasons so wear it boldly. It’s not every day we get to disprove psychology.


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