STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Two Layers Are Better Than One

Style Advice of the Week

In Iowa, we are known for constantly discussing the weather. But who can blame us, the weather here is unpredictable and always drastic. In the last month we have had everything from an ice storm to a sixty-degree day immediately followed by a snowstorm. The weather here is just plain crazy, and as many of you many know, a serious pain in the butt.

As we approach spring, I get sick of wearing my big winter coat and resort to the trustiest style trick in the book, layering. I spotted this Fashionista on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The weather that day had already come full circle and after a cold, rainy morning and I was beyond ecstatic to see a Fashionista in more than a oversized sweatshirt and rain boots.

She too was taking advantage of the suddenly sunny weather as she walked to a late brunch with a girlfriend, who she admitted, dressed her from head to toe. “I owe all of this to her,” she claimed, nodding towards her blushing friend. Her outfit in fact embodied “Sunday afternoon.” Her trusty best friend had the great instinct to layer her up in efforts to prepare her for whatever the weather decided to do as they went about their afternoon festivities. The first layer consisted of the necessary basics including leggings, a tank and a chambray button-up. Because accessorizing is the key to dressing for any season, this Fashionista’s mustard beanie, shearling vest and lace-up boots added the final touch to her already genius look.

While the weather may not always be on our side, this Fashionista and her sartorially generous friend prove that sometimes two heads (and two layers) are better than one when it comes to picking out an outfit for any campus occasion.


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