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Wearing a scarf in the winter does not only add extra warmth, but also adds some spice to your outfit. But with that said, you can also find yourself in at a fashion dead end because it will become a habit. It is fun and healthy to try new things with your accessories and try an unconventional method. There is nothing like recycling your clothes and accessories and transforming them into something new and innovative. It can brighten up your entire day and after all who doesn’t love having a new look with no money spent!

This Fashionista has got a fresh idea on how to turn her everyday scarf into an innovative turban. She is rocking a black sweater and jeggings with a pair of rocker chic black combat boots and she softened the look with layering a short sleeve taupe sweater over the black sweater. This way she is giving her outfit some dimension as well. The turban gives a unique feel to the outfit and it really makes her stand out from the crowd because usually people tend to wear turbans during the summer. I absolutely admire this Fashionista for going against the trend rules and expressing her style. Allowing your turban to be the star of the show is important, so always remember to keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible.

You can find turbans in almost in print you can imagine, and what is better than taking your favorite scarf and tying it on your head to give you the turban look. Finding ways to recycle your accessories and clothes is a must in a college student’s life because trends pop up left and right and is always fun to be wearing the latest fad, but remember you don’t always have to go out and buy it when you have something worth tweaking at home. Let those creative juices flow and have fun, Fashionista/os.


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