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Say what you wan,t but some of the best fashion is borrowed from the past. This week my style advice is to think about trying out a print that is far older than your mom’s bell-bottom jeans or your dad’s leather jacket. I’m talking about the tribal print! I found one Fashionista who rocked her tribal print in one of the best ways possible.

Although you can wear a tribal print in a number of ways, this Fashionista chose to wear a tribal print mini along with a few other simple pieces. The print is main element of this skirt. I love that it incorporates a wide range of bright colors. With so many different tones, you have a great amount of flexibility with the other pieces of your ensemble such as your top or shoes. This type of print would also look great as a blouse or even a maxi skirt. Whatever way you incorporate print, you’re sure to stop anyone in their tracks.

As for this Fashionista’s top, she chose to keep it simple with a plain black V-neck. Ultimately, I think when you wear such a bold pattern like this one it is best to pair it with more simple pieces so that your outfit doesn’t become too over bearing or busy. I also like how this Fashionista chose to to tuck in her V-neck to really showcase her cool mini.

Finally, this Fashionista’s shoes are a cute and comfy alternative for the strappy sandal. Her black slip on Keds are a comfortable way to across campus while still keeping her style. Simple sneakers like these are also very versatile as they can be dressed down with a pair of jeans and crew neck or dressed up with sundress.

So this week my style advice is to dig deep into the past and try out some tribal print. It is an old favorite that can be worn so many new ways. Pick out your favorite colors and go be totally tribal.


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