STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: To Beanie or Not to Beanie

Style Advice of the Week

I remember my first beanie…It was gray and white, horizontally striped, with a moose adorning the rim. It was fuzzy and warm and made me feel like I was Mischa Barton. I was in seventh grade and going through my “I want to be different phase,” which I am actually not sure I ever grew out of. Nonetheless, I don’t think I really ever wore my super cool beanie more than once. The reason being, I had no clue how to! Getting the elastic to balance perfectly on the back of head was a skill I had yet to master. As embarrassing as it  might be for a Fashionista to admit, I still don’t understand the art form.

This Fashionista has it all figured out though! The beanie seems to defy gravity as it sits snug on the back of her head. It covers just enough hair to save a bad hair day but not enough that she looks as if she is trying to keep her ears warm before she hits the slopes. The color of her beanie is on point. As you may or may not know, I am slightly obsessed with the color orchid. Whether it be a scarf or a sky high suede pump, purple is the perfect power accessory.

She balances her casual boho beanie with an equally cozy sweater. I may be almost as obsessed with graphic sweaters as I am orchid. This quirky knit without a doubt won me over. It is a nice deviation from the typical cat sweater that lines the racks of so many Generation Y shops. Nothing against felines, but I would take an adorable monster over a cat any day. With leggings and slouchy boots, this look epitomizes comfy chic.

So if you are as hat-challenged as me, check out this tutorial! Zumiez is also a great starting place to explore and shop basically every beanie type imaginable. If you want my personal suggestion though, Brandy Melville is the way to go. The line offers an array of sassy beanies on days when you just want your hat to just do the talking for you.


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