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There’s just no end to this downward (temperature) spiral we call winter. In New York City it’s impossible to go outside without a long jacket, boots and winter accessories. Freezing temperatures have the best of us. So it’s made my job of spotting all of you Fashionistas a bit harder. Luckily, I spotted the most put together Fashionista walking  towards me.

She looked so professional and well-dressed that I just had to stop her. I admired her beautiful off-white, crisp coat. She had such a sleek style, and her outfit looked effortlessly put together. Her royal blue scarf went well with her cozy navy Hunter boots. Classic pretty much describes this Fashionista’s outfit. Almost every piece that she wore was something I could have integrated into my closet.

After admiring her outfit, I realized that simplicity never goes out of style. And, this Fashionista had the element of simplicity down to a science. One way to keep an outfit simple and abundant is by keeping color pallets to a minimum.

This Fashionista kept two dominant colors in her outfit. Her scarf and boots were blue, while the rest of her outfit were different shades of white. One thing that stood out to me were her amazing gloves. These gloves drove me crazy because they really spiced up her look. Marc by Marc Jacobs carries an awesome pair of biker gloves which are similar to hers, but more edgier. Under this beautiful coat and layers of clothing was a true Fashionista who understood how to balance the classics and the trends.

My style advice for this week: stick to classic silhouettes and neutral colors. Bags, winter boots and coats are sometimes expensive, and we wear them everyday in the winter. Why not get something that’s always in style? Small accessories like gloves and hats are more affordable. Use your accessories to stay on top of the times. Trends come and go, but classic pieces never fade. Try splurging on the basics and give a little less to a fad. It’s not that hard to dress both timeless and trendy.


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