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If anyone took a look into my closet, one could tell that a trend I don’t believe is going anywhere is surprise details and patterns that completely transform any clothing piece. A lot of clothing stores have been noticing that designers try to make their collections even more unique by adding colors, patterns and material in various places of an item, whether it is beautiful embellishments on sleeves like this top or even a fun fabric that is used to create awesome elbow patches.

That is why I had to stop this Fashionista and admire her coat. It is the typical style of the easy-wearing parka, but what really makes it stand out is the gorgeous detailing on the shoulders and elbows. When I took a step closer to check it out, I couldn’t have been more in love. The studded tapestry-style fabric adorning the elbows and shoulders of this jacket is very similar to the embroidery of Dolce&Gabbana’s perpetual fall 2012 collection along with the rock-and-roll embellished jackets of Balmain. As a result of this small detail, this Fashionista’s jacket is edgy and inspired by baroque style, making it extremely unique and eye-catching.

Fabric detail like this can become a fun new DIY. Blogs everywhere are catching up with how to add simple touches to sweaters, skirts and shorts that turn them from plain to off-the-chain. Just by stitching in fabric you love onto your favorite pair of denim shorts or by adding studs to those Converses you wear 24/7, you can create a completely new piece that you will love even more than the last.


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